Shipping & Returns

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Products are selected for having the highest quality possible.  All products are 100% guaranteed.

Service Fees

A $1.00 service fee is added to each order.

Shipping & Handling

All orders less than $100 will be assessed a minimum fee for shipping & handling of $15. 

Some products may have an additional fee assessed for freight (weight or special handling requirements).  Those products will have the fee disclosed in the product's description.


Taxes are based on ship-to address.


Credit cards are not billed at the time the order is made.

Credit card charges are made when the ordered product is ready to be shipped. 


Refunds of the purchase price, excluding service fees and freight, may be requested up to 60 days from the invoice date.

No need to get an authorization number, just return ALL products for which you are requesting a refund to:

Natural Goodness LLC
Minneapolis, MN. 55441

Please include a note telling us how we should process the return.