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For more than three decades, Flower Essence Services has enjoyed a reputation for professional quality and service.  At FES we believe we have a responsibility to care for this magnificent planet that sustains us all.
We are dual-certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic for our land, wild-harvesting and product preparation — these are the highest standards in the world for sustainable land use.
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Arnica Allay™ Bath & Body Oil by FES

Size: 2 fl oz

Arnica Allay can help with stress or strain to the muscles that haven 't been used for a while in activities such as skiing, skating or snowboarding, shoveling snow, and more. Of course, Arnica can be beneficial throughout the year, and is well-known for its analgesic qualities. Arnica Allay helps the body-soul complex to re-establish its balance and equilibrium.
$17.50 $18.73

St. John's Shield™ Bath & Body Oil by FES

Size: 2 fl oz

St. John 's Shield™ has strong light-bearing qualities and is a marvelous balm to help build deeper structures of light and radiance in the body and soul, and when outer light is reduced.